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The Grizzly G7943 Drill Press: Superior Value for a High Perfomance Machine


When it comes to choosing a drill press, which will give strong power and accuracy, the Grizzly G7943 Drill Press is one of the best in the business. There are two options available, the bench and the floor press. This drill is superb value for money, and will definitely serve the homeowner or builder who values great workmanship, accuracy and power. 

 It can be bought online directly from my website, where I have superb discounts and great rates that beat any of the other sites out there. 

The following product review aims to show the product specifications of this amazing drill, why it is a must buy, what its greatest features are and some of its relatively minor drawbacks so as to convince you why you should get this amazing drill:

Product specifications

  • · It weighs an impressive 155 pounds, and its dimensions are 33 x 20 x 12 inches
  • · Comes with a horsepower of 1
  • · Has a 12 speed control system, from 140, 260, 320, 480, 540, 980, 1160, 1510, 1650, 2180, 3050 RPM.
  • · Has a drilling capacity 3/4’ steel 
  • · It has a maximum head tilt of 90 degrees from left to right, and the head swivel goes round a full 360 degrees
  • · Made of precision ground cast iron, with the head , base and spindle housing being made of cast iron. The column is made of steel


It is the perfect choice for the user who wants a solid, reliable and powerful tool to work with in their shops and warehouses

If you get this machine from my online store, you will get the best price of $300 which is almost half what other online sites are selling. There are also all manner of spare parts in my store, and shipping is covered in the deal.

Assembling the  Grizzly G7943 Drill Press  is a very easy task that can be achieved by anyone with the most basic technical capabilities.

The 1 horsepower of this drill makes it very easy to cut through wood.

Its design makes it very noiseless as far as drills go, meaning you can work from home without causing too much disturbance among the family

Comes at considerably low price ranging from $300 to $500 among online sites such as mine, depending 

It comes with an adjustable table as well as depth stop. This makes the drilling of holes of exact measurement easy, as well as enabling the working with different shapes and sizes hassle free

This makes it one of the most affordable drills in the market, as well as being easily the most value for money drill one can acquire

It is a very easily serviced drill, and since it comes from one of the most recognizable brand names in the business, getting accessories, spare parts as well as any other mechanics is very easy.

Ordering any spare parts such as column parts from my site is hassle free, and will ensure you never have to go long without using it

Has a light that is built in the system, and the motor has some levers that move front and back so as to make the changing of its belt easy.

Its fantastic 12 speed adjustable rating makes it very convenient to use depending on the hardness of wood or other specifications that may vary from user to user.

It has a very long working life, with many customers saying they have been using it for over ten years and they never had a major complaint to make about it


It is a very heavy machine, meaning its setting up can be a challenge, while the sheer weight of it means one needs a work surface that will not crumble under its might

It can be a bit cumbersome to work with because of its sheer size and weight, but this is not a deal breaker as far as the grill is concerned


All in all, the Grizzly G7943 Drill Press is one of the best machines in the market. Coming at a very affordable price, with many of its peers costing almost twice, it is the best value for money there is. The best thing is that Grizzly are a well-known product and one can acquire spare parts and accessories easily, including from my website. I dare you to get this machine online and be disappointed in it!  Superb.

Additional Info

  • Type: Drill Press
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
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