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Milwaukee 2797-22 M18 Milwaukee 2797-22 M18

The Milwaukee cordless drill is a power tool machine that is mainly used for drilling. This kind of machine is powered by a battery, and it drills when its bit rotates in a circular motion while the user presses toward the object or away from the object. The drill works because the bit includes groves that easily latch on and pull through the material. This cordless drill is used for drilling into wood and other softer materials.

Advantages of Using Cordless Drill from Milwaukee:

Many people prefer using this type of cordless drill because it is very handy and lightweight. This tool makes your job of drilling holes on surfaces a lot easier. It is recommendable especially when you are drilling in tight places. There are no cords that could get in the way and it is very portable, which means you can bring it almost anywhere.
You can work with it all day since it is lightweight. You won’t strain your arms when you are doing a drilling job. The lithium ion battery only weighs a couple of pounds and you can easily grip the handle in your hands. It has the best gripping chuck since it features all carbide jaws, and it will never allow the drill to slip or fall from your hands.
The Milwaukee brand is also known for delivering the best innovative features in cordless drills. They feature battery pack design that allows the battery to be inserted in a reverse position. This makes the drill easier to handle in hard-to-reach areas as well as when doing an overhead job.
Another advantage of this brand is the Clip-Lok system. This will allow you to attach your drill securely to your tool bag. When you are climbing up the ladder, you can use the Clip-Lok system so you can use both your hands.

Models and Feature:

The Milwaukee cordless drill brand has produced three models. They have the 12-volt, 14.4 volt and the 18-volt models that you can choose from.
For the 12-volt cordless drill, it has 250 lbs. of torque power and it can go up to 1500 RPMs. This is the best in the class of 12-volt models. Milwaukee is widely known for delivering power and strength and this model clearly shows that you can get this much torque power on a 12 volt drill. Its chuck is very durable because it is made entirely out of metal. The entire drill only weighs a mere 2 -  pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around.
The next model that you can try out is the 14.4-volt cordless drill. It produces 390 pounds of torque and it can go to 1400 RPMs. If you want a slightly powerful drill than the 12-volt model that is more lightweight, easier to carry and maneuver than the 18-volt models, then this is a great choice for you.
If you want more power, then you definitely have to go for the 18-volt models. It is much expensive than the other two models but this cordless drill can go through metal easily without any problems. It has 500 pounds of torque that is great for heavy duty drilling jobs.

Milwaukee 2797-22 M18

The Best Compact Drills Available Today

One of the most recommended compact drills today is the Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill. It delivers 400 inch-pound of torque and it only weighs 4 pounds. The total length is 7 - inches long. It features built-in LED lights, variable speed triggers and battery fuel gauges. It also includes ¼-inch hex compact impact with a four pole frameless motor that delivers 1400 inch-pounds of torque.
Another great compact drill you can check out is the Milwaukee M18 Red Lithium 18-Volt Cordless 1/2 inch. It is all metal with a 7-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck. It is made up of 4-Pole frameless motor, which delivers 425 inch-pound of peak torque. It also has a built-in LED light, which can brightly illuminate your work surface. When you buy this kit, you will get one compact red lithium battery and multi voltage charger and case.
You can get these awesome Milwaukee cordless drills at the best price here at this website. All our Milwaukee drills are brand new and complete with warranty. We guarantee fast and safe delivery right at your front door. You can buy these cordless drills in local stores near you, but if you want good deals that you can find online, you can buy online in our website, so check out our products now.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Type: Comby Drill
  • Price: 50
  • Power Source: Cordless Electric
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