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Thursday, 23 October 2014 10:53

Drill Bit Sharpener

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Drill Bit Sharpener Drill Bit Sharpener

Shopping for a Drill Bit Sharpeners:

For anyone who uses a drill regularly, the drill bits are bound to become dull over time especially if they use it to drill hard materials. To most people, this means making a visit to the hardware to buy new bits. This trip will mostly interrupt a project because they do not realize it until the project is underway. Being able to sharpen your own bits will not eliminate this interruption but it will definitely save you time that could have been spent while visiting a hardware. It is therefore worth investing on a drill bit sharpener;

a machine specifically designed for the purpose of sharpening bits, they provide you with the best possible grind, usually as good as the factory offers.

Drill bit sharpeners mostly come in two categories; self-powered, it has a motor that drives its own grind wheel;

the second category includes those that work with separate grinders. Though the two categories serve essentially the same purpose, there are various differences that could help you make your decision on which one to acquire according to your personal requirements. The first consideration you need to make is on the size of the bits that you need to sharpen. This is important especially if you frequently use large bits. Secondly, consider the type of grinds that the sharpener puts on the bits. Some sharpeners can only put one type while others offer a wide range of types and point angles. There are various models of these sharpeners that you can choose from. They include: -

The Darex V390 Industrial Sharpener;

It can handle bits ranging from 1/8 of an inch to 3/4, it also provides point angles from 118 to 140 degrees and offers two different styles; the split point style if you use split point drills or the standard conic point. It also offers an optional vacuum system that helps to get rid of the grit to make sure that the working area remains clean. The main drawback for this model is its price; you can find it online for $1499.99. 

 Drill Doctor DD750X Sharpener;

it can handle bits ranging between 3/32 and 3/4 of an inch. Its range of point angles is from 115 to 140 degrees and it can sharpen masonry bits as well as split point bits. The sharpener can also be used to re-point broken bits therefore it offers an important factor because it saves on loses that could be incurred due to the breakages. For people who do not sharpen often, there is a push to stop design that prevents them from over sharpening their bits. The sharpener has an optional accessory that allows one to sharpen left handed twist also known as reverse twist bits too. You can find it online for a price range of $129 to $179.

 Drill Doctor DDSB Spade and Twist Sharpener;

this is a unique sharpener also from Drill Doctor that has a separate guide and wheel for sharpening spade bits; bits used for making holes on wood. It sharpens both the pointed and threaded pilot spade bits with equal ease. Its maximum capacity for the spade bit portion is 1-1/2 inches while that of the regular bits is an inch; its small range of sizes has to be its main drawback. It also gives up the capacity to handle split point bits for the sake of spade bits. If you like to shop online, you can buy it for as little as $99.

Grizzly G1081 Sharpener;

this sharpener uses collets to determine the drill sizes; it has 11 collets for the most popular sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch. It has an onboard storage that keeps the collets organized. It can handle both carbide and cobalt bits and sharpens them with a three step error proof process. Its main drawback is that it is manual and therefore quite tiresome to work with. It is relatively cheap and you can buy it online for $27.

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 We offer great deals for all the sharpeners that we sell. When you buy a machine from our site, we give you a reasonable discount according to the price of the sharpener that you buy. All machines also come with a one year warranty and an easy return and exchange policy that helps to increase the convenience as you shop for drill bit sharpeners online.

Additional Info

  • Power Source: Cordless Electric
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